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Matthew Santos

Matthew Santos Releases "Into the Further"

Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Matthew Santos will be issuing his latest album "Into the Further" on Candyrat Records, supported by bassist Emma Dayhuff and drummer Jon Deitemyer and featuring string arrangements composed by Matt Ulery. The album will be supported with a pre-release show at Schubas in Chicago on December 4, with the official release taking place in early 2015.

The Chicago Sun-Times recognized Santos as an artist who is "organic and soulful and moody, full of interesting musical ideas and dripping with serious vocal talent."

For more information:
Matthew Santos  |  Matthew Santos on Facebook  |  "Under the Microscope" from the album

Matt Ulery

Matt Ulery Releases "In the Ivory" on Greenleaf Music
Photo credit: Jacob Hand

Critically-acclaimed bassist and composer Matt Ulery has issued his latest album "In the Ivory" on Greenleaf Music, featuring three-time Grammy-winning contemporary music ensemble eighth blackbird, vocalist Grazyna Auguscik, violinist Zach Brock, pianist Rob Clearfield, vocalist Sarah Marie Young, and drummer Jon Deitemyer. The album release will be supported with a national fall tour, including a release weekend at Chicago's Green Mill on September 19 and 20.

Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune offers early praise for Ulery's album: "You don't have to be a jazz aficionado or a classical maven to be moved by the openness, melodic beauty and spiritual undertone of this work."

"In the Ivory" is the follow-up to Ulery's previous large ensemble release "By a Little Light," which was named a Top 10 Jazz Album in 2012 by NPR Music.

For more information:
Matt Ulery  |  "In the Ivory" on Bandcamp  |  Purchase iTunes

Jon Deitemyer

Jon Deitemyer at Constellation and Webster's

Led by Jon Deitemyer on drums, the Jon Deitemyer Trio will be performing at Constellation on Wednesday, April 30. The trio features Rob Clearfield on piano and Matt Ulery on bass.

The Jon Deitemyer Quintet will also perform at Webster's Wine Bar on Monday, June 23 for its ongoing Music Mondays. The band features Rob Clearfield on piano, Matt Ulery on bass, Leslie Beukelman on vocals, and special guest John McLean on guitar.

For more information:
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Ben Paterson

Ben Paterson "Essential Elements" Released on MAXJAZZ
Photo credit: Joe Martinez

NYC pianist Ben Paterson has released his latest album, "Essential Elements," on the MAXJAZZ record label, supported by Joshua Ramos on bass and Jon Deitemyer on drums. The highly-anticipated album features a variety of original compositions, standards, and covers of hits by Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles.

Paterson will be performing in support of the new album, including shows with the album trio at Andy's Jazz Club in Chicago on December 6 and 7.

For more information:
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Grazyna Auguscik

Grazyna Auguscik in Europe and Chicago

Award-winning vocalist Grazyna Auguscik will be touring through Eastern Europe in October and November in support of her album "Man Behind the Sun" on EMI Classics. The tour will return home with shows in Chicago, including at the Green Mill on November 8. Auguscik's group features Rob Clearfield on piano, John Kregor on guitar, Matt Ulery on bass, and Jon Deitemyer on drums.

Jazz critic Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune notes, "When Auguscik unspooled the long, sinuous, wordless vocals that are at the core of her art, even skeptics must have been seduced."

For more information:
Grazyna Auguscik  |  Green Mill

Dee Alexander

Zach Brock and Phil Markowitz Quartet on Tour

Acclaimed violinst Zach Brock and pianist Phil Markowitz will be performing together in the midwest late April. Supported by Evan Gregor on bass and Jon Deitemyer on drums, the quartet will be criss-crossing the States, including performances at the Dazzie Jazz (Denver, CO on April 27) and the Green Mill (Chicago, IL on May 3–4).

Chet Baker has praised Markowitz as "one of the most sensitive, lyrical and inventive piano players of all time," and jazz critic Neil Tesser has hailed Brock as "the pre-eminent improvising violinist of his generation."

For more information:
Zach Brock  |  Phil Markowtiz  |  Sno' Peas, written by Markowitz and performed by Brock and the Magic Number

Patricia Barber

Patricia Barber Releases "Smash" on Concord Jazz

Critically-acclaimed pianist Patricia Barber has issued her latest release, "Smash," on Concord Jazz. Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune describes the album as "a brilliant collection of original songs, all dispatched with Barber's famously voluptuous voice and steeped in her atmospheric instrumental settings."

Barber will be touring internationally, including release shows at the Green Mill (Chicago) and the Jazz Standard (NYC). Barber is supported by John Kregor on guitar, Larry Kohut on bass, and Jon Deitemyer on drums.

For more information:
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Moshier-Lebrun Collective

Moshier-Lebrun Collective on NPR "JazzSet"

The recent Moshier-Lebrun show at Chicago's Jazz Showcase aired this May on the NPR's "JazzSet with Dee Dee Bridgewater." The show featured works from the "Studs Turkel Project" as well as selections from the recent Local Colorists EP, as written and arranged by OA2 Records artists Mike Lebrun on tenor sax and Josh Moshier on piano, supported by John Tate on bass, John Moulder on guitar, and Jon Deitemyer on drums.

Moshier's "Studs Turkel Project," an awarded commission of the Chamber Music America New Jazz Works Grant, is described by Chicago Tribune jazz critic Howard Reich as pointing "to the craft of Moshier's writing and the delicacy with which this ensemble interprets it."

For more information:
The Local Colorists EP Download  |  NPR's JazzSet

Jon Deitemyer

Jon Deitemyer Quartet Releases Debut Album

Featuring Dan Bruce on guitar, Ben Lewis on piano, Matt Ulery on bass, and Jon Deitemyer on drums, the "Collected Shorts" EP showcases a six-song selection of favorite compositions written by Deitemyer. The long-awaited album is now available on iTunes.

"Iowa City" from the album  |  Purchase iTunes

Jangeun Bae

Jangeun Bae Trio's "Go+" featuring Greg Osby

The Jangeun Bae Trio featuring Greg Osby with Jangeun Bae on piano, Ryan McGillicuddy on bass, Jon Deitemyer on drums, and guest musician Greg Osby on sax has officially released the recording "Go+" on Inner Circle Music. Acclaimed jazz drummer Ari Hoenig has praised Bae as a "brilliant and emotional composer with a limitless imagination."

For more information:
Jangeun Bae on Inner Circle Music  |  "Joga" from the album

Ryan Cohan

Ryan Cohan Composition Premiere

Pianist/composer Ryan Cohan has debuted "The River," the highly-anticipated composition inspired by his group's recent tour of Africa.

Praised as "a wonderfully inventive Chicago pianist" (Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune), the 2009 Guggenheim Award winner is supported by Geof Bradfield on sax, Lorin Cohen on bass, and Jon Deitemyer on drums, performing at venues throughout the Chicagoland area this season.

For more information:
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