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Matt Ulery's Loom / Large: Festival

Matt Ulery's Loom / Large
2016 Woolgathering Records
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Matt Ulery—Double Bass, Tuba, and Compositions (except “The Peacocks” by Jimmy Rowles)
Rob Clearfield—Piano and Pump Organ
Jon Deitemyer—Drums
Geof Bradfield—Clarinets
Greg Ward—Alto Saxophone
Tim Haldeman—Tenor Saxophone
Mark Hiebert—Baritone Saxophone
Russ Johnson—Trumpet
James Davis, Chad McCullough—Trumpets
Steve Duncan—Trombone
Chris Davis—Bass Trombone
Zach Brock—Violin soloist
Yvonne Lam, Aurelien Pederzoli, Dominic Johnson—Violins

Notable reviews for "Festival":

  • Huffington Post: Best of Jazz 2016
  • Peter Margasak, DownBeat Magazine: 4 star review: "Bassist Matt Ulery has established himself as one of the most rigorous, thoughtful and ambitious figures in Chicago’s jazz scene, a composer with a deep curiosity and an ability to deftly assimilate his wide interests. [Festival] serves as a summation of what he’s been working toward the last decade, but it delivers a statement more sophisticated and accomplished than anything he’s done yet."

Monday Night Live At The Green Mill Volume 3 - Digital Download

Patricia Barber
"Monday Night Live At The Green Mill Volume 3 - Digital Download"
2016 Patricia Barber / Fast Atmosphere
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Patricia Barber—Piano, Vocals
Jim Gailloreto—Sax
Larry Kohut—Bass
Jon Deitemyer—Drums
Tom Hipskind—Drums

Jon Deitemyer: Tall Tales

Jon Deitemyer
"Tall Tales"
2016 ears&eyes Records
Listen  |  Watch: "Deep Breath" preview  |  Purchase CD  |  Purchase iTunes

Jon Deitemyer—Compositions, Lyrics, and Drums
Leslie Beukelman—Vocals
Rob Clearfield—Piano
Justin Thomas—Vibraphone
Matt Ulery—Bass

Notable reviews for "Tall Tales":

  • Quentin Coaxum, Chicago Jazz Magazine: "As one might expect, this album of original work does not disappoint, but rather triumphs through expressive, honest and fearless compositions."
  • Tony Van Dorston, Fast 'n' Bulbous: "While I’ve heard great albums lead by drummers, this is pretty unique in that Deitemyer also wrote some great, poetic lyrics on several tunes, sung by Leslie Beukelman. The performances are pretty direct in service to the memorable songs, and lovely moments like the stunning piano melody played by Rob Clearfield on 'A Little South,' which has been lurking in my dreams the past couple weeks."
  • Michael Ambrosino, The Fringe, "Every track has something to offer. I started listening to one song and before I knew it the whole album was over."

Matthew Santos: Into the Further

Matthew Santos
"Into the Further"
2015 Candy Rat Records
Listen  |  Watch: "Under the Microscope"  |  Purchase iTunes

Matthew Santos—Guitar, Vocals, and Compositions
Emma Dayhuff—Bass
Aviva Jaye—Vocals
Matt Ulery—String- and Brass- Arrangements
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Notable reviews for "In the Ivory":

  • Shaine Freeman, IAE Magazine: "Incredible is the best way to describe Matthew Santos and his band. The vocals, music, songwriting, and melody arrangements are all the works of a pure genius."

Patricia Barber: MusicHeads

Patricia Barber
"MusicHeads: What is Swing?"
2015 NPR/WDCB Public Radio 90.9fm
Stream Online  | News Release

Patricia Barber—Host and Piano
Jim Gailloreto—Saxophone
Larry Kohut—Bass
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Notable reviews for "MusicHeads":

  • Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune: "Like listening to a postgame show in which players and coaches are speaking freely: the passion of the participants and the overall context of the discussion draw you in."

Paul Mutzabaugh Unknown New: Sunken Garden

Paul Mutzabaugh Unknown New
"Sunken Garden"
2015 Paul Mutzabaugh
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Paul Mutzabaugh—Bass, Guitar, Percussion, and Compositions
Rich Stitzel—Percussion
Mike Pinto—Eletric, Acoustic, and Synth Guitars
Chris Siebold—Lap Steel and Electric Guitars
Jim Tashjian—Acoustic Guitar
Gina Rosanova—Vocals
Becky Ykema—Vocals
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Elaine Dame: You're My Thrill

Elaine Dame
"You're My Thrill"
2014 Elaine Dame
Listen  |  Watch: "Shall We Dance?"  |  Purchase iTunes

Elaine Dame—Vocals
Dennis Luxion—Piano
Jake Vinsel—Bass
Jim Cox—Bass
Andy Brown—Guitar
Art Davis—Trumpet
Russ Phillips—Trombone
Chris Madsen—Saxophone
Paul Marinaro—Vocals
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Notable reviews for "You're My Thrill":

  • Neil Tesser, "Dame’s phrasing manages to wed an improviser’s expressiveness with a welcome fidelity to the words and their meaning. I think if a saxophone could speak, it might sound like this."

Kevin Fort: Red Gold

Kevin Fort
"Red Gold"
2014 Kevin Fort
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Kevin Fort—Piano
Doug Hayes—Bass
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Merge Quintet: Delays

Merge Quintet
2014 ears&eyes Records
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Alex Beltran—Tenor Saxophone
Dan Bruce—Guitar
Tom Vaitsas—Piano and Fender Rhodes
Joel Kelsey—Acoustic Bass
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Matt Ulery: In the Ivory

Matt Ulery
"In the Ivory"
2014 Greenleaf Music
Listen  |  Watch: Greenleaf EPK for "In the Ivory"  |  Purchase iTunes

Matt Ulery—Bass, Vocals, and Compositions
Grazyna Auguscik—Vocals
Gregory Beyer—Percussion
Zach Brock—Violin
Rob Clearfield—Piano
Erik Hall—Vocals
Dominic Johnson—Violas
Yvonne Lam—Violin
Corbett Lunsford—Vocals
Michael Maccaferri—Clarinets
Lisa Kaplan—Piano
Sarah Marie Young—Vocals
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Notable reviews for "In the Ivory":

Ben Paterson: Essential Elements

Ben Paterson
"Essential Elements"
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Ben Paterson—Piano
Joshua Ramos—Bass
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Matt Ulery's Loom: Wake an Echo

Matt Ulery's Loom
"Wake an Echo"
2013 Greenleaf Music
Listen  |  Watch: Greenleaf EPK for "Wake an Echo"  |  Purchase CD  |  Purchase iTunes

Matt Ulery—Composition and Bass
Marquis Hill—Trumpet
Geof Bradfield—Bass Clarinet
Rob Clearfied—Piano and Accordian
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Notable reviews for "Wake an Echo":

  • Huffington Post: Best Chicago Music of 2013
  • Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune: "Those who are attuned to the fervent lyricism and textural delicacy of Ulery's work will find much to treasure in the music from 'Wake an Echo.' Ulery's music revels in incantatory phrases, unhurried but circuitous melody lines and lush instrumental colors."
  • Nate Chinan, New York Times: "They paint in wide, arcing brush strokes at one moment, and with pointillist exactitude the next. This is music of brisk intelligence."

Paul Marinaro: Without a Song

Paul Marinaro
"Without a Song"
2013 122 Myrtle Records
Listen  |  Watch: "Without a Song" trailer  |  Purchase CD  |  Purchase iTunes

Paul Marinaro—Vocals
Joseph Marinaro—Vocals
Chris Sargent/Chris White/Judy Roberts—Piano
Tom Vaitsas—Piano and String Pad
Andy Brown—Guitar
Joe Policastro—Bass
Jon Deitemyer—Drums
Greg Fishman—Tenor Saxophone
Marielle De Rocca-Serra—Violin

Notable reviews for "Without a Song":

Chris Siebold & Psycles: Onsra - Fall in Love

Chris Siebold & Psycles
"Onsra - I Fall In Love" (single)
2013 CSM
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Chris Siebold—Lead Guitar and Vocals
Aaron McEvers—Reeds and Flute
Ben Lewis—Piano
BJ Cord—Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Bob Garrett—Percussion
Jon Deitemyer—Drums
Paul Mutzabaugh—Keyboard, Guitar, and Vocals
Tim Fox—Bass and Vocals

Patricia Barber: Smash

Patricia Barber
2013 Concord Jazz
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Patricia Barber—Composition, Piano, and Vocals
John Kregor—Guitar
Larry Kohut—Bass
Jon Deitemyer—Drums

Notable reviews for "Smash":


View releases featuring Jon:
2003–2012  |  2013–Current